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Hi here is a question I am having trouble with. I need help only on part c.

Each time you inhale, you take in about 500 ml (two sigfigs) of air, each millileter of which contains 2.5 x 10^19 moleules. In delivering the Gettysburg Adress, Abraham Lincoln is estimated to have inhaled about 200 times.

a.) How many molecules did Lincoln take in?

My answer: 200 * (500 ml) * (2.5 x 10^19 molecules / 1 ml) =
2.5 x 10^24 molecules

b.) In the entire atmosphere, there are about 1.1 x 10^44 moleules. What fraction of the molecules in the Earth's atmosphere was inhaled by Lincoln at Gettysburg?

My Answer: (2.5 x 10^24)/(1.1 x 10^44)=
2.3 x 10^-20

c.) In the next breath that you take, how many molecules were inhaled by Lincoln at Gettysburg?

***I don't understand what this part of the question is asking for. How do I go about this?

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    Doing the same problem, and i don't either

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    I inhaled 500 ml(2.5 x 10^19 molecules/ 1 ml)= 1.25 x 10^22 molecules. in the entire atmosphere Lincoln fractionly inhaled 2.3 x 10^-20 molecules, so 1.25 x 10^22 x 2.3 x 10^-20 = 2.8 x 10^2 approximately.

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