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One to one functions

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I still need help with finding the inverese of one to functions.

Find the inverese of the one to one function.

16. f(x)= 4/(5x-1)
This is what I've done so far.

x= 4/(5y-1)
(5y-1)x= 4(5y-1)

Then I am not too sure what to do next.

  • One to one functions -

    The last line is wrong:
    (5y-1)x= 4
    5yx= 4+x
    y= (x+4)/5x

  • One to one functions- Re-Check -

    y=(x+4)/5x, doesnt match up with what I am suppose to get.

    I am suppose to get:
    a. f^-1(x)=4/(5y) +1/5, b. f^-1(x)=4/(5x) +1/(5), c. f^-1(x)= -1/(5) -4/(5x), or d. f^-1(x)=5x-1/(4)

  • One to one functions -

    y=(x+4)/5x= 1/5 +4/5x

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