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Hey there, I did a lab in which a wooden board was taken and then a dynamics cart was dropped down it. Four markings of different incriments were marked on the board, so that when we dropped it, we could record the time it took for the cart to reach a certain distance. We did this three times, and each time we chose an angle of inclination (different for each time). We used timers/stopwatches to record the time.

I need four sources of error (non-human errors) I cant really think of any. Any errors I could get would be great! Thanks a bunch!

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    A couple of thoughts. Could friction be a non-human error? Could air resistance be a non-human error?

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    those would work....friction between the dynamics cart and the wooden board its beind dropped at. How would this affect the lab though..would it make the dynamics cart not move as fast or drop as quickly? And how could that be avoided (doesnt have to be real, just something that would fix it)

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