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NH4NO3 --> N2O + 2H2O
you start with 1000g of ammonium nitrate, what is the theoretical yield of laughing gas? How many grams of water will be produced.

*I know you COULD have 450.234g of H20, but I'm not sure how to do the theoretical yield.

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    The equation is balanced. Compute #mols in 1000 g NH4NO3, convert to mols N2O (the same since 1 mol NH4NO3 produces 1 mol N2O) and from that grams. Do the same thing for water except two mols H2O are produced for each mol of NH4NO3. Those two numbers will be the theoretical yield for N2O and H2O respectively. You need to clarify the 450.234 g H2O you have posted. I don't know what that is.

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    ignore that "2"

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