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Preschool/child dictation

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Can you help me with this?

Jason was dictating a story about his
pet hamster to his teacher.
He said,"He climb to the top of his cage and jump down. He be fast."
The teacher should:

A. write,"He climb to the top of his
cage and jump down. He be fast."

B. write,"He climbed to the top of
his cage and jumped down. He was

C. say,"That isn't correct. I'll
write it correctly on the paper."

D. skip that part and write the rest
of the story,if correct.

Would (B) be the best answer?

My text states:

Statements that help children start dictating stories follows:

"Tell me the words you want me to write down on the paper. I'll write them down."

"Do you have a story to tell?"

"I'll write down your words."

"Let's write down what you said about
your new puppy."

"What is the story you would like to
tell me?"

"What are the words to your story?"

(please help)!

  • Preschool/child dictation -

    Definitely, B is the only answer. Although the main goal of a child dictating to an adult who writes it down is to tell a story and see it written in real words, a secondary goal is to encourage correct language development.

  • Preschool/child dictation -

    A. When writing dictation for preschool it is most important to respect their words and write them exactly as they say them. Not doing so would confuse them when you read back to them what they have said. (This response was copied verbatim from another website; I happen to agree.)

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