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dimensions of a concrete pile are 14 inchesx14 inches x 15 feet. (1 meter=3.28 feet) the pile has 4 faces and 2 ends. 1>what is the surface area in square feet, of a single pile? exclude the ends of the pile. 2>What is the total surface area in square meters including the ends of the pile? 3>How many cubic meters of concrete were used to make the pile?

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    15 ft = 15 ft x 12in/ft = 180 inches.
    A face is 14" x 180"; therefore, 14 x 180 = ?? square inches per side and that x 4 sides = xx square inches total.
    There are 144 square inches in 1 square foot. Convert to square feet.

    The ends have a surface area of 14" x 14" = ?? square inches. That times 2 will give the area of both ends and that added to the area in #1 will give the total. Convert to square feet and to square meters.

    Volume = length x width x height in cubic inches. Convert to cubic meters.

    Post your work if you get stuck and explain in detail what you don't understand.

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    Thanks for the help:) Just to be sure I did the math right--
    1> 14x180=2520
    2520x4= 10080
    10080 square inches = 70 square feet

    196 x 2= 392
    392+ 10080= 10472
    10472square inches =72.72 Square feet= 6.76 square meters

    3>14x14x180= 35280 cubic inches= 0.578135m3

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    It looks ok to me.
    Did you use google to make the conversions? If so, you need to know how to do them if you are asked to show your work and you don't have google in your hip pocket.

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    If your instructor is picky about significant figures, note that 14, 14, and 15 have only two places; therefore, the answers are allowed only two. So the 72.7, for example, would be rounded to 73. Of course, the 14 may be 14.0 and you just omitted the final zero.

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    I had this question in class and y teacher did this, well part a, with me. The answers are not identical. What we have is:

    14in * 1ft/12in=1.17ft*15ft=17.6ft^ I know I wont get an answer in time for my class but how on earth are these answers so different

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