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vivian is walking to the hairdresser's at 1.3 m/s when she glances at her watch and relizes that she is going to be late for her appointment. Vivian gradually quikens her pace at a rate of 0.090 m/s2(squared) What is vivians speed after 10.0s? At this rate is Vivian walking jogging or running very fast/??
please explain what m/s2(squared) means.. the squared part confuses me even more!!

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    The squared business means Vivian is walking at 1.3 m/s. When she quickens her pace, the next second she is walking at 1.3 + 0.09 m/s and the next second at 1.3 + 0.09 + 0.09 m/s etc. The m/s^s is read meters per second squared OR you can think of it as meters per second per second. Sp at the end of 10 seconds, Vivian is walking at ???.

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