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Ms. Sue, answer me please!

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This is NOT for homework. Just a question I want to ask random people. :)

Just wondering...

Do YOU, personally, believe what YOU, personally, believe is really real?


What is truth/reality?

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    Reality is what science teaches, even if I don't understand it. Galaxies, syphons, energy, gravity, etc. are real. Reality is also what I experience, such as love, friendship, beauty, memories, awe, etc.

    Truth and reality are pretty much the same, in my opinion.

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    during the late 1700's and the aerly 1800's ,indians and white amercanscame to conflict.why?

  • Ms. Sue, answer me please! - ,

    1st of all, just wondering? How do you KNOW FOR A FACT that galaxies, syphons, energy, etc. are real?

    And...You are correct...A+ for you! :) Truth and reality ARE in fact, the same. Truth is the essence of reality. Did you know that facts and truth are the same? However, both facts and truth may be interpreted differently, but that doesn't change the facts or the truth.

    For example, it is a fact/truth that I am typing right now. You may be looking at me from really far away and say that I'm not typing - that I'm actually just pretending...or you may have a different definition of typing (not sure why, but you might!). But that doesn't change the fact that I am typing. Thus, your beliefs (or mine) do not NECESSARILY line up with the facts/truth/reality. But, then again, they may.

    Any other thoughts?

  • Ms. Sue, answer me please! - ,

    I'll accept scientists' statements about things I don't understand.

    In your typing example, I'd say that I ASSUMED you were typing, but I wouldn't be certain unless I actually saw your fingers moving on the keyboard and the results on the screen.

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