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A bus travels 280 km south along a straight path with an average velocity of 88 km/hr to the south. The bus stops for 24 min, then it travels 210 km south with an average of 75 km/hr to the south.
A. How long does the total trip last?
B. What is the average velocity for the total trip?

I know this problem uses the average velocity equation, where the average velocity equals the change in position over the change in time, but I'm unsure which numbers I need to plug in. Please help!

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    A. Add up the times spent travelling and at the intermediate 24 minute (0.40 hour) stop. The 280 km travled at 88 km/hr required 280/88 = 3.18 hours, for example.

    Total time = 3.18 + 0.60 + ___ = hrs ?

    B. For average velocity, divided the total distance traveled by the total time required (from part A). Both times spent travelling were in the same direction (South), ao you don't have to worry about adding vectors

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    So for part A, I got 6.38 hours because I added 3.18, 2.8 (210 km/75) and .40 together. Is this correct?

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    Yes, if the answer is in hours

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    Ok good. Then, for part B...I got 76.8 for the average velocity.

    ...I sure hope this is correct...!

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