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A hot air balloon is ascending at the rate of 13 m/s and is 75 m above the ground when a package is dropped over the side. How long does the package take to reach the ground? With what speed does it hit the ground?

  • physics -

    Vf^2=Vi^2+ 2gd where g=-9.8 and d=-75

    How long?
    Vf=Vi+at solve for t (remember Vf will be negative)

  • physics -

    The height of the package vs. time is
    y = 75 + 13 t - 4.9 t^2

    Set y=0 and solve for t. Use the quadratic equation and take the solution for which t>0.

    For the speed when it hits the ground, use the time t from the first step and
    V = 13 - 9.8 t

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