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also how would you do a police car stopped at a set of lights has a speeder pass it at 100km/h If the police car can accelerate at 3.6 m/s^2

a)how long does it take to catch the speeder>
b) how far would the police car have to go before it catches the speeder?
c) what would its speed be when it caught up with the car is this speed reasonable?

  • Physics -

    The distance they go is the same, in the same time.
    speeder distance= v*t v in m/s
    Police distance=1/2 at^2

    set them equal, solve for t.

  • Physics -

    Car A is traveling at a constant speed v
    A = 130 km /h at a location where the speed limit is
    100 km/h. The police officer in car P observes this speed via radar. At the moment when A
    passes P, the police car be- gins to accelerate at the constant rate of 6 m/s
    until a speed of
    160 km/h is achieved, and that speed is then maintained. Determine the distance required
    for the police officer to overtake car A. Neglect any nonrectilinear motion of P

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