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Is the following sentence written in the Active Voice.
My answer yes, is this correct?

Thank You

Accidents are witnessed every day.

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    No, that's the passive voice.

    In the active voice, the subject of the verb performs an action; e.g., "He killed the President".

    In the passive voice, the subject of the verb receives the action; e.g., "The President was killed".

    Or, "Accidents are witnessed every day".

    An easy way to differentiate is to remember that if the sentence does not explicitly state /who/ performed the described action, it is probably in the passive voice.

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    Here is one of the many websites explaining the difference between active and passive voice. Study the examples to clarify the difference.

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    I think that is what SraJMcGin intended to post.


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    People witness accidents everyday.

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    This is an easy way to think of the difference between Active Voice and Passive Voice.

    Active - the subject does something(is active). The Action moves from Subject ->Verb
    or Subject ->Verb->Direct Object.

    Passive - That subject is LAZY... It is just having something done to it.

    Subject <-Verb *** plus there is a "being" verb as an auxiliary...
    The boy <- IS HIT by the ball.
    WAS hit
    Has BEEN hit

    So... two clues - is there a being verb as an auxiliary, and is the subject ACTIVE or just sitting there . <G>

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