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Complete Predicate.
The Snake wrapped itself around the tree. (wrapped itself) is that the correct answer?

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    The complete subject is THE SNAKE.

    That leaves the rest of the sentence as the complete predicate: WRAPPED ITSELF AROUND THE TREE.

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    Thank you, Ms. Sue what about CP
    That mountain is the tallest one around here. (in the tallest one around here)

    The fire destroyed the old house. (destroyed the old house)

    The Puppy limped toward the old man. (limped toward the old man)
    are my answers correct.

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    Yes. Your answers are correct :-)

    I assume you mean "IS the tallest one around here."

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    Thank you again Ms. Sue may I ask your help with two other questions?

    Simple Subject:
    Gold miners were Jack's best customers. (gold miners)

    A cellular telephone is one example of this change. (cellular telephone)

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    You've given the complete subjects. The simple subject is the noun.

    In the first sentence, the simple subject is MINERS. "Gold" is an adjective modifying "miners."

    In the second sentence, TELEPHONE is the simple subject.

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    THANK YOU, Ms. Sue

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    You're very welcome, Nick.

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    What is the simple subject and simple predicate in the sentence

    The first movies were different from today's films.

    I said the simple subject is movies and the simple predicate is were different. I this the correct answer?

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