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Akite is 15m up in the sky. The angle the string makes with the ground is 50 degrees. How long is the kite string?

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    A picture would help with this one...

    It's going to be a right triangle. The height is going to be 15m. The lower angle is 50 degrees. We're trying to find the hypotenuse, so assign that a variable like x. You can use the sine function, which I'm sure you learned in class for this. Sine is opposite over hypotenuse.

    sin 50 = 15/x
    Solve that equation for your answer.

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    You have to use SINE.
    If you draw a diagram you know that we are looking for the hypotenuse.
    Therefore sin50=15/x
    0.766x=15 (divide by 0.766 to isolate x)
    so the kite string is 19.58m long

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