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Homework Help: Developmental Language

Posted by Skylar on Monday, September 3, 2007 at 2:13pm.

Can someone please help with this question-- I am very confused!!

Davis went to the park with his dad
and their dog,Sport. Davis saw lots
of other dogs,pointed at them, and
said,"Sport." Was Davis showing
overextension or underextension?

I posted this question yesterday-
and was told its an example of

I am very confused because my textbook

"Younger preschoolers commonly call all
four-footed furry animals "dog,"and all
large animals "horse." This reflects
overextension,in which the child has
overextended and made a logical conclusion because these animals have
many of the same features,can be about
the same size,and therefore fit the
exsisting word."
"Underextension refers to the child's
tendency to call all male adults"daddy"
or all dogs by the family dog's name,
even though the child can clearly
recognize the difference between his
dad and all other males and his dog
and other dogs."

So,in my question,according to my textbook,wouldn't it be an example
of underextension? Please help,I am

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