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I need to find the slope of the graph of the function at the given point.



I tried finding the derivative of the function at theta=0, but I got 0 for an answer.

I checked the answer in the back of my book and it is 3.

I just need to figure out how to get there.

Thanks to anyone who tries to help me.


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    The derivative of f(theta) is
    f'(theta) = 4 cos(theta) -1
    When theta = 0, the value of the derivative is 4 -1 = 3.

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    Only one question: How did you get -1 from -theta ?

    Thanks so much!

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    The derivative of f(thetha) = theta is
    f'(theta) = df/d(theta) = 1. It's the same thing as saying the derivative of
    f(x) = x is f'(x) = 1.

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    Thanks so much. I get it now.

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