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Solubility of compounds in
a)water (highly polar)
b)methyl alchohol (intermediate polarity)
c)Hexane (nonpolar)

My guess
1. Benzophenone
a) not soluble
b) partially soluble
c) soluble

2. Malonic acid
a) soluble (since it's polar)
b) soluble
c) not soluble

3. Biphenyl
a) not soluble
b) not soluble
c) soluble

I'm not sure if my guesses are correct on those especially regarding the methyl alchohol combination with the compounds since it's intermediately soluble but I based my thinking on that from how alchohol is soluble in water so it should disolve partially polar compounds.

Thanks =D

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    I ran across this on the web. Interesting.

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    Yeah...but I didn't get it from there if that's what your thinking..It's from my lab book that I just got a week ago Dr.Bob.

    Technically I wanted to go and figure out what would theoretically happen if I mixed them before my actual lab
    I would have done the same if I was doing a titration with some theoretical numbers and calculations but for this lab all I can do is look up the chemical properties and think about if it would or wouldn't be soluble.

    I really hope you aren't saying I'm being lazy and just randomly guessing this out b/c I didn't even do the lab yet (I'm doing this tuesday to be exact) I actually spent 1/2 hr reasearching the properties of the compounds on wikipedia and other random sources on the web.

    If you don't want to help me out on my thinking on this it's fine Dr.Bob

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    No, I wasn't saying (or thinking) any of those things. I was thinking that someone got that lab question you are working on from the web OR that this is someone's check in sheet from a lab. I think most of your "guesses" are ok on this and I think your procedure is good; i.e., you are using polarity of the solvent vs polarity of the solute to make an educated guess. I wasn't able to help more because I went to bed.

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    but the lab question was actually a fill in sheet for the actual lab when I do it.

    Thanks Dr.Bob =)

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