March 27, 2017

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How would I know if :

-The two formulas represent different compounds which are constitutional isomers.

-The two formulas represent different compounds that are not isomeric.

-The two formulas represent the same compound.

~if they were isomers wouldn't that constitute placing the Cl in a different position and also having the same molecular formula?

But what does Isometric mean then?

I need help on this. Thank you =)

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    Hmm..after drawing this I find that all I did to get the other structure was to flip the first or second structure horizontally and I got the same exact thing.

    Based on this would they be constitutional isomers or represent the same compound?

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    The two structures you have drawn are the same compound. I can't do it on the board but if you will draw them on a sheet of paper something like this:

    H-C-C- etc

    you will see that all the question has done is draw the first compound backwards to make the second compound.

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    That is, the Cl on the right end of compound 1 is on the left end of compound 2. Compound 1 starts with a CH3 group and compound 2 ends with a CH3 group.

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    I was thinking that they were the same but wasn't sure since the examples in the program were only of flipping the structure vertically not horizontally and I wanted to be sure since I haven't done organic chem in a long time.

    If it was a constitutional isomer wouldn't they have to have moved the Cl to let's say the top of the first carbon?

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    To make constitutional isomers of a dichloro propane, one structure will need a Cl on carbon 1 and another one on carbon 2. Another isomer would need to have a a Cl atom on C1 and another on C3. A third isomer would have both Cl atoms on C1. I THINK that is all of them.

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    Hm..I need to work on this from what you said since I only mentioned one isomer.

    Thanks for all your help Dr.Bob =D

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