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Homework Help: Physics

Posted by Jim on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 3:27pm.

I don't really understand this aspect of physics yet, I need help understanding these problems.

Problem One:

Two particles, with identical positive charges and a separation of 2.00 10-2 m, are released from rest. Immediately after the release, particle 1 has an acceleration a1 whose magnitude is 4.60 103 m/s2, while particle 2 has an acceleration a2 whose magnitude is 8.50 103 m/s2. Particle 1 has a mass of 5.80 10-6 kg.
(a) Find the charge on each particle.
(b) Find the mass of particle 2.

Problem Two:

The drawing shows three point charges fixed in place. The charge at the coordinate origin has a value of q1 = +11.00 µC; the other two have identical magnitudes, but opposite signs: q2 = -5.00 µC and q3 = +5.00 µC.

The drawing has a Y axis and a X axis. Located between the +Y and +X plane are two 45 degree angles with each angle measuring 1.30 meters and 23 degrees.

(a) Determine the net force (magnitude and direction) exerted on q1 by the other two charges.
N ° (measured counter clockwise from the x-axis)
(b) If q1 had a mass of 1.20 g and it were free to move, what would be its acceleration?

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