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Homework Help: Analytical Chemistry

Posted by :kkk: on Friday, August 31, 2007 at 6:01am.

Predict the effect (Increase, Decrease, No effect, Indeterminate)and explain why
1. Condition:
In the determination of water hardness, the water sample contained appreciable amount of ferric ions
Paameter: ppm CaCO3
2. Condition:
Instead of MgCl2*H2O, CaCl2*xH2O was added to the EDTA titrant(determination of water hardness)
Parameter: ppm MgCO3 of the analyte solution
3. Condition:
Absence of MgCl2 in EDTA solution that was standardized (determination of water hardness)
Parameter: Volume of EDTA to reach endpoint
4. Condition:
The starch solution was added at the start of the titration (quantitative determination of copper concentration in aqueous solution by iodometric titration)
Parameter: calculated ppm Cu

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