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Posted by Stein on Sunday, August 26, 2007 at 7:58pm.

Hi, I'm really having trouble this this chemistry problem. I have the answers; however I don't have extensive knowledge about titrations and I'm struggling with working it out. If anyone could suggest how to work this out (or even where to start) that would be great. Thanks!

Triiodide ions are generated in a solution by the following reaction in acidic solution.
IO3- (aq) + I- ----> I3-

Triiodie ion is determined by titration with a thiosulfate solution (Na2S2O3). The products are iodide ion and tetrathionate ion (S4O6 2+).

a. Balance the equation for the reaction of IO3- with I- ions.

b. Write and balance the equation for the reaction of S2O3 -2 with I3- in acidic solution.

c. A 25.00 mL sample of a .01000 M solution of KIO3 is reacted with excess KI. It requires 32.04 mL of Na2S2O3 to titrate the I3- ions present. What is the molarity of the Na2S2O3 solution?

d. how would you prepare 500.0 mL of the KIO3 solution in part c, using pure dry solid KIo3.

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