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Homework Help: Chemistry

Posted by Sara on Wednesday, August 22, 2007 at 6:55pm.

O.k. I am confused. So here is what I did.

Mass of empty flask plus stopper: 37.34g
mass of stoppered flask plus water: 63.67g
Mass of stoppered flask plus liquid:
Mass of water:
63.67 - 37.34= 26.33
Volume of Flask(density of H20 at 25*C, 0.9970 g/cm^3:
Mass of Liquid:
52.01g - 37.34g= 14.67g
Density of Liquid:

That was part 1 (density of unknown Liquid) Here comes part 2 density of unknown metal.

Mass of stoppered Flask plus metal:
Mass of stoppered Flask + Metal+ Water:
Mass of metal:
61.28g - 37.34g= 23.94g
(Note that 37.34 is the mass of the stoppered Flask from before)
Mass of water:
78.19g - 61.28g=16.91g
Volume of water:
(16.91)/ (0.9970)=16.96cm^3
Volume of metal:
I did the following:
(23.94g)/(0.9970g/cm^3)= 24.01cm^3
then using this answer I need to caculate the Density of the Metal:
(23.94g)/(24.01cm^3)= 0.9970 g/cm^3

But why would the Density for water at 25*C, which was given, be the same as the density of the metal? Shouldn't it be different? So I came to the conclusion that in the end I must be doing something wrong because my answer is like walking around in circles...(The last two caculations), so I either don't really get the concept or I made a mistake from the get go...or I am using the wrong numbers, to calculate certain parts. so, this is were i need your help. I hope it's clearer whemn I show you exactly what I did.

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