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I have some problems that I am having trouble with and I have some that need checking please. Thanks!

Solve the equation.

4. (x+7/4)=2(x-1/6)

Find all the value(s) of x that make thedenominator(s) zero. Then solve the equation.

6. (x-8/2x) +5= (x+6/x)

Solve the equation.

7.(x/2x+2)= (-2x/4x+4) + (2x-3/x+1) on thie problem I got 9/4

Determine whether the equation is an identity, a conditional equation, or inconsistent equation.

13. -2(x+7)+52=4x-6(x+3) I got inconsistent equation

16. (3x+2/(4) +2=(-7x/2) I got inconsistent equation.

Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions.

3. ãx+2=8 I got 62 for this one

5. x-ã3x-2=4

Solve and check the equation.

7. (x^2+14x+49)^3/4 -20=7

Solve the equation by making an appropriate substitution.

16. x^4-13x^2+36=0 I got {2,3} for the soultions.

19. (4x-3)^2-10(4x-3)+24=0 This one I am not too sure how to do it.

Solve the absolute value equation or indicate that the equation has no solution.

25. |8x+9| +5=9 I got -5/8

27. |x^2-4x+4|=2 I got x=2

Solve the radical equation, and check all proposed solutions. (I went and corrected these cause my square root symbol didn't show up)

3. square root of x+2=8 I got 62 for this one

5. x- square root of 3x-2=4

#3 ok
x-4 = sqrt(3x-2)
square both sides
x=9 or x=2
Now both answers have to be checked since we squared the equation. 9 works but 2 does not

Is it like this?
((x-8)/2x) +5= ((x+6)/x)

To start x cannot be equal to zero

multiply by 2x
x-8 + 10x = 2x+12

I will do a few more, but not all,
Please split your post up into smaller parts

#19. (4x-3)^2-10(4x-3)+24=0

let y=4x-3 so now we have y^2 - 10y +24 = 0
then y=6 or y=4, but y=4x-3
so now 4x-3=6



|8x+9| +5=9
|8x+9| =4
then 8x+9=4 or -8x-9=4
x=-5/8 (like you had) OR x=-13/8

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