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Homework Help: Math

Posted by Samantha on Saturday, August 18, 2007 at 9:30pm.

I have some problems that I dont understand. Please help me.

Solve the formula for the specified variable.

s=2ğrh + 2ğr^2 for h

f= (9/5)c+32 for c

A=P(1+nr) for r

for H i don't know what that notation is so I'll leave that alone and maybe someone else can help you with that

for c, there won't be a definite number but rather another function.

f-32= (9/5)c divide over to get c
(f-32)/(9/5)= c

-just flip 9/5 and multiply it to f-32 (I'll leave that to you (If you need help just ask and I'll be glad to =D )

~for r

A/P= 1 + nr
(A/P)-1= nr
[(A/P)-1]/n= r

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