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distance = rate x time or
d = r*t
car traveling 40 mi/hr goes 40 mi/hr x 1.5 hrs head start or 60 miles head start.

Let t = time bus and car travel.
car travels distance of r*t = 40*t.
Car already had 60 mi head start.
Total distance car traveled is 60 + 40*t.

distance bus travels in t hours is 60*t.

distance for bus = distance for car so set them equal.
60 + 40*t = 60*t and solve for t.
Post your work if you get stuck.

I need help with the following question
How long will it take a bus traveling at 60 mph to overtake a car traveling at 40mph if the car had a 1.5 hour head start?

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    traveling at 60 mph, how long will it take to travel 210 miles?

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