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Homework Help: art-colors

Posted by amanda on Wednesday, August 15, 2007 at 10:34pm.

what are all the different colors that mix to make other colors?

like how when you mix red and yellow you get orange...what are all the other colors?


green + blue= brown
yellow + blue= green
red + blue = purple

is that all?

Yes, from what I've seen on a website that I can't post on here.

Those including the red + yellow = orange are secondary colors.

Tertiary colors however are not necessarily new colors as their variation is from a mix in the ratio of
the secondary colors.
An example that I see is yellow orange which Is a ratio that includes both red and yellow. However the ratio of yellow in the mix is greater than the red added. Other mixes of tertiary colors are aqua, magenta etc.

Black by the way is created by mixing all the primary colors together.

Hope it helps =)

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