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1)Identify the y-intercept and the axis of symemetry for the graph of f(x)=-3x^2+6x+12.

2)Determine whether f(x)=-5x^2-10x+6 has a maximum or minimum value and find that value.
answer=maximum -1

3)Solve x^2=4x by graphing and indicate the roots.

4)Solve x^2+2x=-2 by graphing and indicate the roots.

5)Solve by factoring:x^2-3x=28

#1, I got x=-1

#2, no
the function opens up, so there is a minimum.
it occurs when x=-1, and that minimum is f(-1), which is 11

#3, ok
#4 graphing f(x) = x^2 + 2x + 2
produces a parabola which lies above the x-axis, so there is no real solution.

#5 ok

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