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human services my answers

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Progress made in medical sciences is tremendous. Small pox is wiped out. Given the improvement in health care the death rate has reduced compared to centuries ago. Longevity is also significant. As an elected government, it is their responsibility to provide health services to the population. This is evident in the various services available. The people's needs and changes in lifestyle environment habits are factors that influences provision of such services. Government must react to such changes. The quality of service is still not high enough for the general population and those who can afford it seem able to get quality service. There is a need to rethink for the ordinary man-in-the-street. Most insurance companies now have you choose a doctor with-in their network were as before you could go to any provider of your insurance you carried.
The cost of health care has also sky rocketed in the last 50 years just as everything else.
As for SSI I have a lot to say about that with personal background and which to stay silent about these issues.
The work force has changed a lot in the last decade also with making women able to be of a superior level this isn’t just for me now. We even can have women running for the presidency of our country.
People of the gay nature can now be in the service and be treated as an equal. Just because a person has a different sexual preference then the bible says does not make them a bad person nor should they be treated any different then anyone else. I do not care for this kind of relationship but this is something people can not control how they feel a person can only control their actions.
We now have crises support for schools when student members are killed. Or natural disasters that happen to people.

First, I don't see where you addressed how health and human services have changed in the last 50 years. Small pox was eradicated in the United States well over 50 years ago. However, vaccines for other diseases, including polio, mumps, and measles were developed in the last 50 years. On the other hand, AIDS has only developed in the last half century.

How have human services changed since about 1957? What about Medicare and Medicaid? What about SSI and Child and Family Services? What about Head Start?

What has changed in the last 10 years? What about the move to put more people to work? What about computerization of records? Do we have more or fewer health and human service clients and employees than we did 10 years ago?

Whom do you think is best suited to determine these needs and services? Should it be state or federal governments? Should it be non-governmental agencies? How much influence should individual clients and social workers have?

What changes would you like to see in the services and the way they are delivered in the future?

I haven't read your instructor's comments, but will do so now and comment on them.

thank you for your help you have made it more clear to me what she is looking for.

You're welcome. I'm glad I could help you. Good luck!

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