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Homework Help: human services

Posted by jean on Tuesday, August 14, 2007 at 1:19pm.

i have a few questions i answered my response is about 300 words and my instructor ask me to finish answerng the questions so is there any way i can post the questions to someone and attach my doc. for someone to review for me and tell me what i need to add? she said what i did was great but didn't answer all questions and i thought i did so fresh eyes would be nice.

I'm sorry but we don't give out our e-mail addresses and there's no way of attaching something to this board.

You could type the directions (questions) and your response here, and we'll be glad to try and help you.

can i copy and paste will it come up if i do that?

Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But, for sure, give it a try! :-)

What have been the most significant changes in health and human services over the past fifty years?

· How has society’s responsibility to individual needs changed in the last ten years?

· Who should determine health and human services needs?

· What should the role of health and human services workers be in relation to the future needs of American society?

my answers went to the top of this chat we have going here. I opened it up like i was going to answer it and i could see it so hopefully you can also. would you like me to send you what my insstructor wrote to me?

Thanks for including your instructor's comments. I'm going to read your answers and the comments and will respond within a half hour.

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