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please help me on this one...i need to know how a paramecia responds to certain fresh water, drop of dilute salt water, drop of vinegar, piece of food, air, and carbon dioxide. I need to know if it responds to a positive, negative or a no response at all...I think fresh water is a no response cause they live in water...and air is probably no response...but i don't know the others....please help me...

piece of food: I would assume if you dropped the food near it, it would at first avoid it, then investigate it and it would probably injest if it so chooses.

For the others I don't really know but usually in response to something foreign you would expect an organism to get away from the stimuli. For your guess on the others It looks alright but I haven't actually applied stimuli to paramecium in the lab, just observed them so I'm not totally sure.

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