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Posted by Rindi on Saturday, August 11, 2007 at 7:07pm.

8*2sq+7*(4+1)= ?

Can someone explain to me what to after the parenthesis? I mean in the PEMDAS of operations says that I should multiply. Multiply what and when?

By the way the actual problem is a example I got out of my book. Right at this momen there is no one problem I am trying to figure out

If the problem is
8*22 + 7*(4+1) = ??
8*4 + 7(5) =
32 + 35 = 67
check my thinking.

oh yes I see but how did you decide to add before multiply? I think that is my problem, I have realized that it is not always PEMDAS.

As you can see his thinking is right.
But that if he would have completely followed PEMDAS. he would have gotten the same answer. If you would have done....

7*(4+1) you have to distribute the 7 to the 4 and the 1.

you would get.
and 7*1=7 which would still give you 35.

And in PEMDAS so you know what to multiply and when. you do...

1. what ever is in Parenthasis.

2. solve your Exponents.

3. Multiply or Divide what ever comes first when you are going
LEFT to RIGHT in the problem.

4. Add or Subtract again what ever comes first when you are going
LEFT to RIGHT in the problem.

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