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50mL of 0.1M HCl is mixed with 50mL of 0.1NaOH. delta T = 3^oC. Calculate the enthalpy of neutralization per mole of HCl.
assume the specific heat capcity of the solution is 4.18J/g/C and density=1.0g/mL.
I tried it but got the wrong answer. What I did was I calculated the delta enthalpy (based on 100mL of solution)and divided it by the number of moles of HCl.

q = 3o C * 4.18 J/g*C * 100 g soln.
Used 50 mL x 0.1 M HCl = 5.0 millimol HCl.

That q is heat/5.0 millimol HCl. Convert to mols HCl

That is, convert q from 5 millimol to 1 mol HCl. Post your work if something isn't right and we can find the problem for you. Post the accepted answer and we can check that, too.

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