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2x represents that Clyde is twice (2 times) as old as Bonnie.

6 years from now, Clyde will be twice as old as his cousin Bonnie will be then. If Clyde is now 16 years old, how many years old is Bonnie?

I got 10 because I did 16-16years=10.

The book says I'm wrong.

They said: ( You're told that Clyde is now 16; thus in 6 years he will be 22. If he will then be twice as old as Bonnie will be then, that means Bonnie will be 11 years old in six years. Thus she must be 11-6=5 years old now, making c the right answer.

I don't get it. please help.

Let's set up an equation with x equaling Bonnie's age in 6 years.

2x = 16 + 6
2x = 22
x = 11

Since she'll be 11 in 6 years, we subtract 6 from 11 to get her present age.
11 - 6 = 5

But where did you get 2x from???

How did you know to type 2x?

Oh thanks. I understand now.


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