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There are many tooth whitening products on the market from what I've seen. And also available in treatments from the dentist as my aunt is a dentist so I know. But I don't know why I haven't thought of this from day 1. I saw an ad recently for Listerine whitening disolving strips...yes..they're slogan is "it dissolves in your mouth so you can focus on other things"...this sounds nice and all but is it just me who thinks this IS NOT safe...I know that what makes the teeth whiter is the bleach in these products. How can this be safe? Used once or twice I can assume wouldn't be harmful but totally digesting this strip is Not harmful?? I would have to think that there's some plastic in this strip. When I get the chance I'm going to look for this product and look at the ingredients.
Some people go overboard and use these products constantly and would in turn introduce into their body alot of chemicals which including bleach would be harmful...
I think that there aren't any studies as to long term effects of ingesting bleach in the human body...

I urge you to look at the ingredients of tooth-whitening materials. Is bleach one of them? Is plastic used?

You can also Google -- tooth whitening safe -- to see what scientific studies show about it.

Ahem...yeah bleach is in there...I know this for a fact it's the main ingredient in tooth whiteners Ms.Sue

According to this site, peroxide is the whitening ingredient.

Just as a precautionary note, as a scientist you should get the facts before drawing conclusions. It is true that bleach is used in some whiteners (also it is true the peroxide is a bleach, it need not be chlorox to be a bleach) but I don't see a commercial firm deliberately manufacturing something that will cause them litigation, at least not knowingly. Let us know what you find listed on the products label.

Okay I'll report what I find

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    Just as a precautionary note, as a scientist you should get the facts before drawing conclusions.

    Umm, Peroxide is not a bleach.

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