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Homework Help: Math

Posted by jules on Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 9:44am.

A purse cost $375.00. It was 25% off.
What was the original price?
I figured out the answer ($500.00), but I did it the 'hard way'. Can someone show me a mathematical way or equation to do this in the future w/other percentages??

One way you can do this problem is to set up this equation. The sale price of the purse is 75% (.75) of the original price. Let x = the original price, and solve for x.

.75x = 375
x = 375/.75
x = 500

Another way to solve problems like this is to set up a ratio.

.75 is to 1. as 375 is to x.

.75/1 = 375/x
Cross multiply.

.75x = 375
x = 375/.75
x = 500

Thanks. This will help w/future problems.

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