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Homework Help: algebra

Posted by q on Monday, August 6, 2007 at 1:56pm.

i need help finding the base. this is the equation i got after work it out halfway.

42/h+h+sqroot(42/h)^2+h^2=20 ft

how can i find B & H. How should i go about. Thanks.

Isnt the sqrt of (42/h)^2 just 42/h ?

Then, multipy both sides of the equation by h, that gives you a third degree equation. I have no idea how b relates to h.

Are you certain your work is correct? This is an odd equation. It bothers me that the right side dimension is ft, which means that on the left, 42/h is in feet, h^2 is in feet, and h is in feet, a most unusual occurance.

Here's my worK. im trying to find the dimension of this rectangle.

A = (1/2) bh = 21 sq ft

bh/h = 42/4 sq ft.

a^2+b^2 = C^2

P= b+h+ sqroot b^2+h^2 = 20ft.

plug it in

this is how i got the equation

42/h+h+sqroot(42/h)^2+h^2=20 ft

Here's the question to the problem:"

The perimeter of a rectangle is 20 ft and its area is 21 sq feet. what are teh dimension of the rectangle?

1/2 bh=21 is not the formula for a rectangle. And, for a rectangle the perimeter is 2(b+h)

1/2 bh=21 is not the formula for a rectangle. And, for a rectangle the perimeter is 2(b+h)

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