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Early Child Ed.

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Would you please check these questions and my answers? I posted these yesterday,but,I wanted to repost to get others input. If you don't agree with my answers, please let me know which ones I need to recheck.

1. The concept of "goodness-of-fit"
would be most useful in:

A. understanding a child's challenging

B. determining developmental delay

C. providing speech services

D. encouraging independence

2. The final goal of a functional
approach to managing problem
behavior is to:

A. change the child

B. replace an inappropriate behavior
with an appropriate behavior

C. change the environment

D. help the child understand how
to behave

3. A child's noncompliance is often
due to all of the following except:

A. too many rules
B. not enough choices
C. poor ability to understand
D. a bad personality

4. A major goal of a child's transition
to a new program is to:

A. meet new people
B. learn new skills
C. meet new teachers
D. transfer skills

Here are my answers. Please let me know the ones you seem to think I have wrong.

1. (A) understanding a child's
challenging behavior.

2. (B) replace an inappropriate behavior
with an appropriate behavior.

3. (D) a bad personality

4. (D) transfer skills

Thank you for your time and effort!

Why do you disagree with the first answers you received?

Please explain.

Most answers on the Jiskha board are reviewed by several teachers. If there are no dissenting posts, then obviously several people agree with the original answer.

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