March 31, 2015

Homework Help: algebra

Posted by erin on Friday, August 3, 2007 at 5:49am.

simplify (6x^3-16x^2+11x-5)/(3x-2)


my muliple choice is:
a)6x^2-12x+3 -9

b)2x^2-4x+1 -9

c)2x^2-4x+1 -1

d)x^2+8x-3 -9

the 3x-2's are all under the last number.

typo on b. the last number is 3 the signs are the same. im sorry for the confusion but the answer you gave me isnt an answer choice.

your cubic expression does not factor so you have to do a long division.
I got
(2x^2 - 4x + 1) - 3/(3x-2)

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