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College Algebra

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Solve the system of equations with ROWOPS program. I know how to do the first step but after that it gets difficult for me, this is the system of equations:

3x + y - z = 1
x + 2y - z = 0
2x - y + z = 4

I used to be able to do these but now I'm getting a little rusty. Thanks for the help!

Get two independent equations in x and y only by
(1) adding the last two equations
(2) subracting equation 2 from equation 1

Here's what you get
(a) 3x +y = 4
(b) 2x -y = 1

Add those two to get rid of y and you will can easily solve for x. It equals 1. Take it from there.

I have no idea what ROWOPS means

ROWOPS is apparently a fancy new-math name for what I just did in my previous answer. It involve Operations on Rows (equations).

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