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answer= 2x^2-4x+1-3over3x-2

2)Factor 27x^3-1 completley.
answer= (3x-1)^3 if this isnt correct,im not sure how to solve it b/c this makes the most sense to me.

3)Simplify: x^2-3x-28 over x^2-9x+14,assume that the denominator is not equal to 0.
answer= x+4 over x-2

4)Simplify: square root of 64n^6w^4
answer= 8n^3w^2

5)Simplify: (3 is on the point of the square root sign,not on top of 625) square root of 625x^5
answer= 25x^2

3 is correct.
4 is correct.
If you are trying to get cuberoot 625x^5
then rewrite it as

cubroot (5^4 * x^5)
then pull the perfect cubes out.

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