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how about his one

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-7+ 5x = 10x-2? im not sure I know its
-1, but im not sure how.

-7 + 5x = 10x - 2

Since we need to get the unknowns on one side and the knowns on the other side and change their signs:

5x - 10x = 7 - 2
-5x = 5
x = -1

wait how did you what number did you subtract or add from where? to get that? to get 5x-10x=7-2?

is this right??
-5X=5 X=-1

Except for typing = instead of + after the -7 in the first line,
-7+-5=-2 instead of -7 -5x = -2 in the third line,
the rest is OK.
You got the right answer but the intermediate steps contain errors that may just be sloppy typing

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