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Homework Help: translation

Posted by lily on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 at 9:36pm.

hi, my name is lily and i need a site or someone very skilled and knowelged in the ancient language of latin to translate for me:

the word "courage" and "honor"

its very important to me that the exact meaning is put across, not a simple word substiute.

thank you!

animus: character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often = mind.
courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul.
audentia: boldness, courage.
ferocia: high spirit, courage; arrogance, ferocity.
ferocitas: courage, untamed spirit; arrogance.
fortitudo: physical strength, courage, moral bravery.
vir: man, hero, man of courage.
virtus: manliness, excellence, character, worth, courage.
(from (Broken Link Removed)

excolo: to honor (a deity), polish, adorn, refine, serve.
fides: promise, assurance, word of honor, engagement.
trust, confidence, reliance, belief, faith.
honor: honor, esteem, public office.
macto: to magnify, glorify, honor; slay, fight, punish, afflict.
ornamentum: equipment, kit, trappings; furniture; decorations
weapons; honor, distinction
(from the same website)

I'd go with virtus and fides.


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