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can someone help me with simplification: ã20/5 - 1/ã5
my first answer is 1/ã5
my second answer is 10 -ã5/5
but the answere I have to choose from are:
(a) ã20 - 5ã5/ã5
(b) ã20 - ã5/5
(c) cannot be simplified
(d) 1/5ã5
which is correct and if I'm not where did I go wrong?

√20/5 - 1/√5

= 2√5/5 - 1/√5*(√5/√5)
= 2√5/5 - √5/5
= √5/5

by the way:

1/√5 = √5/5 so your answer would be correct.
However, it is considered "better form" to have radicals in the denominator rationalized

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