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Homework Help: arithmetic

Posted by chrissy on Saturday, July 28, 2007 at 7:18pm.

a stock clerk had 600 pads on hand. He then issued 3/8 of his supply of pads to division X,1/4 to division Y and 1/6 to division Z. The number of pads remaining in stock is? I dont get how to solve this problem.

In arithmetic problems, the word "of" indicates that you should multiply. So ...

600 x 3/8 = a

600 x 1/4 = b

600 x 1/5 = c

Then subtract --
600 - a - b - c = your answer

Here's a website to help you if you've forgotten how to multiply fractions:


Thank You very much but can you please show me how to multiply a whole number like 600 by a fraction like 3/8?

600/1 x 3/8 = a

600 x 3 = 1800
1 x 8 = 8

Answer is 1800/8, an improper fraction. How will you turn that into a proper number again? Divide 1800 by 8. What's the answer?

225 is the answer now what should i do?

225 is the answer for the first of the three I set up for you. It's the answer referred to as "a" -- so now use the same method to find out what "b" and "c" are. Then subtract "a" and "b" and "c" from 600 and you'll know how many pads remained in stock.


I got it! I think...its 125???!!

600 - 225 - 150 - 120 = ???


on the last one i meant 1/6 im so sorry so if the last one is 1/6 did i get it right? cuz then the last one would be 600 right?

Yes, if the last one is 1/6, then 125 is the right answer.


yes thank you so much for helping me. its easier for some reason for me when someone explains it to me. sometimes they just have to show me something so obvious. But thanks so much. thats my last question then i'll stop hogging up the message board :)

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