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health care admin.

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what are some assistance plans human resources for a health care administrator should have in the company's strategic plan?

The obvious ones (obvious to me, that is!) are

~~medical coverage for the employee, with buy-in possibilities for employee's family
~~vision coverage, as above
~~dental coverage, as above
~~psychological assistance, if not included in the medical coverage
~~detox and rehab services, probably limited to one round per employee
~~assistance for retiring employees at age 65 when transitioning to Medicare

Other tutors here may have additional ideas.


In addition to the excellent list provided by Writeteacher you may want to add:

noncontributory pension
paternity leave
monetary car allowance for home visits
paid attendance at professional meetings
paternity leave
paid vacations
personal days
some type of reward system for outstanding work
secretarial help
private office for interviews with patients and help
time and a half or double-time for overtime
good patient professional ratio
recognition for outstanding employees

Your question was not clear if assistance plans are for the administrator or other employees.

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