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Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 11:11pm.

what kind of fallacy is this statementLetter to the editor: “Andrea Keene’s selective morality is once again
showing through in her July 15 letter. This time she expresses her abhorrence
of abortion. But how we see only what we choose to see! I wonder
if any of the anti-abortionists have considered the widespread use of
fertility drugs as the moral equivalent of abortion, and, if they have,
why they haven’t come out against them, too. The use of these drugs
frequently results in multiple births, which leads to the death of one
of the infants, often after an agonizing struggle for survival. According
to the rules of the pro-lifers, isn’t this murder?”

Calling fetility drugs the "moral equivalent of abortion" is an invalid analogy. Such drugs cause multiple ovulation, with each egg having a reasonable chance of fertilization and survival. Abortion terminates the growth of an embryo or fetus.

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