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isosceles triangle

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An isosceles triangle is a triangle that has two equal sides. Find AB, BC and AC. Determine if the triangle is isoseles or not based on the lengths of the three sides. can someone show me how to solve?please

The triangle is isosceles if AB = BC, or BC = AC, or AB = AC. Without that information on side lengths, I can't tell you if it is or not.

B(1,5),c(5,3),and a(1,1)

Do you know how I can find x if AB = 4x and BC = 2x + 10.

As drwls pointed out, using these 3 points you have to find the lengths of AB, BC, and AC.
if two of them are equal you have an isosceles triangle, if all three are equal the triangle is equilateral

Use your "distance between two points" formula

is AB equal to BC???

if so, then set 4x=2x+10 and solve. Easy!!

otherwise the question makes no sense

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    d perimeter of d isoscelence triangle 7.2 is 28 dy draw isoscelence triangle A
    4y cm (6y-2x+1)cm
    find x and y and hence state the lengths of d sides of d triangle.

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    The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 42 cm. If the third side is 3 less than the length of the other two sides, how long is each side of the tiangle

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