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math problem

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I'm trying to get a handle on what square roots are (I think that's what they are called). Here is an example.

4(almost like a division sign but it is more like a check mark)3.

I don't understand what it is, its a square root? and How do I deal with these things?

A square root is a number that when mulitplied by itself is equal to the original number. For instance, see these rules:

sqrt 3 * sqrt 3= 3
sqrt 3 * sqrt 5 = sqrt 15
4sqrt 3 * 2 sqrt 3= 4*2*3 = 24

sqrt 9 = 3 (because 3*3=9)
sqrt 27=sqrt9*3= sqrt 9 *sqrt 3= 3sqrt3

Hey thanks that link cleared it up for me.

I had a bad algebra teacher so I missed some real basic things.

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