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i have trouble finding the answer to this and how to srt. there is a square and i havbe to find the area. HOweever inside the square is a triangle. the base of the triangle is 3 and the leg is 7. no height is given. plz help.

Is this a right triangle? Is the base or leg equal to a side length? Somehow, you have to relate the dimensions of the triangle to the square side. My suspicion is that it is a right triangle, and the height of the triangle is equal to a side of the square.

yes the base and the leg is to the side length. the height of the triangle is equal to the side of the square but no height is given so that is whyu i am confused on how to find the area of the square

Wouldn't the pythogrean theorm tell you the height?

hypotenuse^2= leg2^2 + leg1^2

solve for the unknown leg, which will be height.

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