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Posted by Emma on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 at 4:18am.

solve the following pair of simultaneous equation:


can someone help please?i have no idea how to solve it =(

x/(ab) + y/b^2 = 1/b
x/(ab) + y/a^2 = 1/a
Subtract one from the other
y(1/b^2 - 1/a^2) = 1/b - 1/a
y(1/b + 1/a)(1/b - 1/a) = (1/b - 1/a)
Divide both sides by (1/b - 1/a)
y = 1/(1/a + 1/b)= ab/(a+b)
Now substitute this y into an earlier equation solve for x. I get x = y

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